Bringing Business Back!

Richard Garcia for Senate

Legislative District 38



  • New School Funding Formula to lower property taxes drastically
  • Tax abatements for expanding businesses and remodeling distressed homes
  • Prevent over-development and urbanization of our residential neighborhoods
  • Fix our uncompetitive corporate tax structure to allow small local businesses to thrive
  • Streamline and standardize the process to start a business and limiting the red tape that prevents start-ups
  • Ban ballot harvesting & universal mail in ballots, require voter id, and make it easier for all eligible voters to cast ballots
  • Support legislation greatly reducing and limiting the Governors emergency powers to a maximum of 3 months, with bi-weekly renewals by the legislature
  • Stabilize property taxes by attracting small businesses and increasing local employment through the adoption of a business and entrepreneurial friendly culture
  • Promoting a government culture of transparency through auditing all pandemic relief funds and bolstering the State's Comptroller Office with more resources to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse of tax payer money
  • Support our brave police officers, NEVER defunding them. More extensive training, including additional 3 months of defensive tactics for all state accredited academies
  • Support less intrusive and restrictive 2A laws, streamline background check process. Harsher penalties for crimes committed with firearms and enforcing the laws already written. ​

The Conservative Approach to Leading Our District

Richard's philosophy with managing government is focused on the values of faith, family, finances, education, and safety. He strives for what is right, moral, and just while leading our district in the 21st Century. ​